The Riki Group’s brand building strategy is been based on the core principle that the strongest media brands are 360º brands with the consumer situated at the center of the brand universe. This principle has helped guide The Riki Group’s successful growth into a vertically integrated media company, a company with the experience and resources to develop, produce, license and market a full range of products to let the consumer engage with the brand in as many ways as possible.


By following this 360 Principle, The Riki Group has been able to create and maintain:

  • Highly efficient communication with the target audience.
  • A high-profile, high-quality brand presence in a maximum number of categories of products and services.
  • A complete range of informational and advertising support for projects.
  • Effective brand management.



Marmelad Media continues to build on its phenomenal success in licensing and managing the Smeshariki* brand (sold internationally under the name Kikoriki) as well as of a host of other media brands.
With over 3500 licensed products in Smeshariki’s brand portfolio, produced in cooperation with more than forty companies, Forbes magazine listed Marmelad Media’s Smeshariki brand as one of Russia’s “top ten most dynamic brands.”
Marmelad Media’s marketing department supports its licensees and partners in promotional campaigns for various licensed products, and utilizes the services of other companies in The Riki Group with the organization of retail promotions, the online promotion of products, the development and implementation of advertising campaigns, and support and collaboration on design projects.




With offices in Munich, Germany, Fun Game Media oversees The Riki Group’s international licensing. Fun Game Media has successfully introduced the Smeshariki* brand to markets throughout the world including: the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Eastern Europe, South Africa, China and India.