Riki Productions



Riki Productions develops and produces entertainment and educational media for audiences of all ages, with an emphasis on animation properties. Working with projects originating from both in-house and independent producers, Riki works to fully develop and produce the project’s creative concept, its production guidelines, and its pre-production work, as well as the overall organization and management of the production process.


In addition, Riki Productions works on the development of marketing strategies for properties, with services including: target demographic analysis and market research, brand positioning in Riki’s brand portfolio, and the creation of brand books and style guides. Riki also supports brands in their market debuts with services including: niche development, determining the target audience, evaluating potential opportunities for licensing, debut PR-strategies, and more. Riki also prepares and conducts coordinated trade marketing campaigns. 


Our partners: Bazelevs, ToonboxAeroplane production companies.