Petersburg Animation Studio


The Petersburg Computer Animation Studio is the largest studio of its kind in Russia, with a staff of more than one hundred and fifty directors, producers, screenwriters, artists, animators, 3D specialists, sound engineers, actors, and composers. Their productions for The Riki Group include high quality animation for features, series, advertisements, and computer and video games. The studio has developed a cutting edge all digital production pipeline utilizing industry standard production tools including Toon Boom Studio, Maya, and Flash. Their departmental organization, experience, and productivity makes the Petersburg Computer Animation Studio an ideal partner for international productions in CGI, stereoscopic 3D, and Flash.




In addition to production, The Petersburg Computer Animation Studio has its own school that trains animators, storyboard artists, directors and screenwriters in the art of animation.



The Petersburg Computer Animation Studio is also home to a state-of-the-art Dolby Digital 5.1 sound studio. The studio specializes in the full service production of Russian language versions of foreign-produced animation projects. Their dubbing work features high quality translations, first-rate casts, accurate lip sync, post production editing, and final mixing. In addition to their dubbing work, the studio also records music and produces the Riki Group’s audio CD releases.


Contact: tel. +7 (812) 635 68 01, +7 (812) 777 77 88

197046, St. Petersburg, ul. Chapaeva d.17, RUSSIA