Tina & Tony

Genre: animation adventure family comedy 
Format: 3D + Flash
Number of episodes: 52
Audience: family (core: preschoolers of 3-5 years old)
Running time: 5 minutes

Idea: Olga Titova and Ilya Bereznitskas

General producer: Ilya Popov

Producer: Tatiana Tsyvareva

Art director: Elena Chernova

Produced by: Animation studio Petersburg
Broadcast in Russia: 2015
"Tina & Tony" – is a result of  JSC Detsky Channel and The Riki Group collaboration, produced by Petersburg Animation studio. The series is designed for preschoolers - visionaries and dreamers, who are eager to get into adventures, and the boundaries between good and evil are blurred yet. The main characters are so believable that young viewers will easily recognize themselves, discovering the world and learning how to distinguish the good from the bad.
By the end of 2015 it is planned to broadcast 17 series of the project on the Mult TV channel. 

Tina and Tony are faithful friends. They live in a toy world full of wonders and cheerful neighbors. This cozy world is a representation of a game behind the doors of a playroom, where children’s imagination animates their favorite toys - Tina Elephant and Tony Hippo. But if children rarely let adults play with them, this project always keeps the doors for parents open - jokes and adventures of our heroes will be interesting to them, too.

A world where the characters live is a "World without violence", there are no negative characters in the series. The main characters are charming and their imagination is an important permanent element of the series and practically a separate character able to teach and give a piece of advice. In the series there are no boring rules and instructions, the information is rendered in a joking way and is understandable to both - adults and children. Characters’ voices are provided by children - the actors of children musical theater "Rainbow", which makes the characters even closer to its core target audience.