Genre: Animated comedy / adventure

Format: Stereoscopic 3D CGI, 85 min

Audience: Family

Producers: Ilya Popov, Timur Bekmambetov

Produced by: Petersburg Animation Studio Production status: Completed




The lovable inhabitants of the remote island of Kikoriki have it all. Big laughs, good friends, and a distant paradise unspoiled by modern woes. But the lives of the Kikoriki gang are suddenly turned upside-down when they stumble on a strange device they had only heard about– a television.

Misinterpreting the super-hero show they see on this wondrous box as reality (and misunderstanding nearly everything else they see on screen) the gang is quickly drawn into a zany adventure far beyond their wildest dreams – an adventure which catapults them across the vast ocean to the heart of the Big City itself.

Will these rebels without a clue survive the real evils of the mighty metropolis and find their way back home?


Show Information


KIKORIKI: TEAM INVINCIBLE is the first feature film starring the cast of Russia’s smash television series. Written as a prequel, the film answers the question posed in fan letter after fan letter: Where did Kikoriki Krew come from? Opening throughout Russia and Ukraine in December 2011, the film also marks the debut of Kikoriki in stereoscopic 3D CGI animation.