Baby Riki

Genre: Educational cartoon for infants

Format: 3D + video (superimposition)

Number of episodes: 100

Episode length: 5 minutes 

Audience: 0+: Core 1.5—2.5 years

Idea: Maria Bolshakova 

General producer: Ilya Popov

Art director: Elena Chernova

Produced by: PC “Riki” and Petersburg Animation studio 

Broadcast in Russia: November 2015 


The BabyRiki world:

“BabyRiki“ is an educational project for infants; it includes useful educational information and content with prominent interactive part. The main characters of the project are BabyRiki.


The world of BabyRiki is the world of a child’s play in its peak season when the game does not stand out from reality. BabyRiki are resurgent toys who live in the flat where the family with kids lives as well. Our characters feel themselves calmly and smoothly within the flat’s world: they live and sleep where they want (like kids who can fall asleep on the floor). At the same time, they do not meet real kids and do not communicate with them. BabyRiki are a child’s phantasy.


Ten episodes of BabyRiki are planned to be broadcasted on the YouTube channels “Teremok-TV” and “Get Movies” until the end of 2015.


Story Outline:

“BabyRiki’ series is the simple stories based on situations the child is familiar with; it is narration both rhythmical and comfortable for infant’s perception, interactive components, and most significantly – charming and very touching characters which look so similar to resurgent toys.


Each of BabyRiki characters, whose prototypes are well known KikoRiki, has their own inimitable tempers.



“Babyriki” is an educational series. Each episode contains game (narrative and entertaining) and methodic parts.

The project is created specially for infants. The graphic images of the characters, decorations and elements are easily perceived by the small kids.

Child psychologists and teachers took part in development of story, images and characters.

There is a narrator in the series – “Mother” whose image is an essential part of infants’ life. Narrator–“Mother” becomes a participant of each episode of the series through helping characters, in a tender and patient manner, to find the right decisions.