Audience: Kids, aged 6-8 years

Genre: Animated sci-fi / adventure

Format: Flash, 52 series x 13 min  

Studios and production companies: Produced by: Petersburg Animation Studio

General producer:

Ilya Popov

Executive director:

Nadezhda Kuznetsova


Property media:

Animated Series (TV)

Computer game



Project Status: In production / First season 3 series (realized)



The Kikoriki crew can always count on the encyclopedic knowledge of Dokko the Moose and the engineering genius of Pin the Penguin to help them with their never ending quest to learn and explore. Pin invents the Umflier – the ultimate time machine. The Umflier can travel on land, or water, or even in outer space, transforming itself to any size – from microscopic to colossal! In each episode Pin, Dokko, Krash, and Chico set off on a new wild adventure, uncertain of the surprises and dangers that lie ahead. But one thing’s for sure, after each scientific journey the crew arrives back in Kikoriki with a better understanding of the world around them and a broader outlook on the possibilities that life offers. 



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